me tryna draw all the disney ever for disney world whoa part 3


Now, sing (2012)

Technically, a remake of this 1995 drawing (age 6).


Sort of. I don’t know, I’d just forgotten how into this movie I used to be, and if I’m going to be redoing these child drawings (oh right, I want to do that), I might as well start with this.

Inspired by the beautiful simplicity of Aimee Fleck/brofisting, who you should check out if you haven’t already. I’ve been very partil to flat colours lately.

Sorry about the repost; edited because the gradient at the bottom was looking terrible so I added some texture. All the previous reblogs keep the unedited version even after I edited the original post, though. Such is the way of tumblr.



ugh his vocabulary is SO small.

Protect me, Maria. Don’t let this siren cast her spell. Don’t let her fire sear my flesh and bone.  Destroy Esmeralda and let her taste the fires of Hell or else let her be mine and mine alone.